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I have a well-rounded educational background in Liberal Arts with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. My personal concentration includes personality theories and human behavior. I continue to develop practical knowledge which I’ve considered consistent with the theoretical knowledge gained.

I have spent my life career working in service related industries, which involves constant people interactions. I’ve gained firsthand experience encountering various people challenges and personality types, which has contributed to strengthening my people skills and my field of study knowledge. I have on many occasions been referred to as a first class performer with regards to developing and strengthening relationships.

I have worked in industries such as financial investments and banking, real estate – commercial and residential, physical therapy for geriatric patients, and Jenny Craig as a weight management consultant along with various volunteer opportunities. I have done course studies in nutrition and I’ve studied the Principles of Professional Life Coaching through lessons from the Institute for Life Coaching Training.


I enjoy helping people! Helping them make sense of things they can’t understand, helping them develop personally and professionally, and in areas financially that may affect their future. Helping them take charge of their lives and accomplish certain goals they continue to struggle with.

I love nature and have a strong passion towards environmental causes. I am passionate about practicing good health and nutrition and educating others on the importance of striving for a good healthy lifestyle.

I enjoy music, reading and watching old movies.


I love life! And that drives me. It drives me to give 100% every day.


Helping you get on the right track to a more balanced and fulfilled lifestyle through personal development. As your personal Life Coach my commitment is to help you overcome your limitations and reach your desired potential.

Personal development varies in desire, such as development of emotional strength, life altering challenges (relationships, employment, health), becoming a value oriented individual, career guidance (helping you dig deep within to discover your passions and abilities), entering the workforce in your mid years, evaluating your financial future, developing meaningful relationships, handling conflicts, recognizing and understanding defining moments in your life and using those moments to help move you along in life.

Everyone deserves an opportunity and I believe opportunity begins within.

I have many references and complimentary letters upon request. These letters simply validate my work ethics, credibility and my commitment towards every endeavor I pursue.

My personal goal is your success!

Request a 30 minute introduction conversation. We’ll get to know one another, discover our personality types, explore my coaching style and talk a little about your desires.

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